Tritone Furs: 54 Years Your Furs in Rome

The art of Furriery exist from generations, going through cultures and way of lives, but still maintaining its own style, refined and exclusive. For this reason it is good to have points of reference which can guarantee the right experience and turn needs into real and actual works of art.

The Tritone Furs is the most antique and prestigious Furriery brand of via del Tritone, representative of taste and elegance of a Rome well in center. It was born on the street where, along with Via Veneto, was the set of Dolce Vita.
The agency for years has been distinguished for its style, quality and professionalism, especially in the attention to details and meticulous choice of the most refined leathers.

Tradition and innovation

The current image of the fur-shop is enriched by the vast assortment available, that includes exclusive furs of:

  • Sables
  • Lynxes
  • Minks
  • Foxes
  • Persians
  • Chinchillas

But that’s not all. The dedication to the tradition and, at the same time, to innovation allow us to offer furs and accessories suitable for every kind of “vice”, classic and not, using competence and craftsmanship.
Furthermore, inside the shop, Tritone Furs has a high fashion artisan laboratory which is between the most qualified of made in Italy, guaranteeing authentic fur clothing, handcrafted and tailored on all the needs of customers.

For years our qualified staff has had the task of following the customers into the choice of clothes, ensuring the best quality.

Spoil yourselves with our furs.